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by on July 16, 2013

A video postcard from the hedge, made whilst out walking (I’m currently in the midst of the second performance of my month-long piece All in a Day’s Walk, as described in my earlier post (all you can’t) Eat) and to contribute in absentia to the MadLab blogging event last week, given that I can’t walk from Herefordshire to Manchester in a day. Unfortunately, the technology was even slower than I might have been, so it didn’t quite get there in time to be shared, hence my posting it here.

Slowed down in my speaking by walking, in this video, I’m contemplating out loud (rather slowly) exactly what the principal ‘gesture’ of my practice might be, troubled by the inadequacy of my activism (and by the frozen beef in my rucksack). I conclude, this time at least, that maybe the activist essence of my practice is talking, and tentatively (and somewhat unsatisfactorily) propose this as my core gesture.

But I must extend a huge thank you to Laurence Malt, whose Mask – Part 2 blog yesterday made me reconsider what I’m doing (living entirely within the distance I can walk away from home and back in a day and eating only the produce that is grown, processed and obtainable within that distance) as a protest gesture in and of itself, which is a helpful and enlivening re-framing for me, currently flailing in the midst of mid-performance self-doubt.

Meanwhile, I am inviting suggested contributions to the score (rules) or questions of the current performance of All in a Day’s Walk as it is ongoing. Please add comments to the relevant pages or email me directly. I will endeavour to incorporate them into the score if and as best I can!

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