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by on September 2, 2013


Atelier Populaire Oslo is an artist based collective for production, discussion, research and activism related to the situation for ‘paperless’/refugees in Norway.

The collaboration Atelier Populaire Oslo / Palestinerleir started as a public workshop in Oslo, 6th – 27th of April 2012. Artists, writers, undocumented refugees, specialists and activists participated, and daily lectures, meetings and arrangements were held in Kunsthall Oslo.

Atelier Populaire Oslo / Palestinerleir was organized with the aims to raise the level of awareness of the current asylum policy and to work to present an alternative. Artistic and political measures were discussed, and strategies towards practical change explored. The work was done in dialogue with refugees and ‘paperless’, in recognition of the fundamental importance of their hard-won expertise.

The workshop was inspired by the Atelier Populaire des Beaux-Arts, the occupied art academy in Paris in May-June 1968. Organized through daily meetings and discussions, the students produced posters that were pasted up in the streets of Paris overnight. As an Atelier Populaire of today, the workshop offered an open meeting space for everyone who wants to work for a change in the Norwegian refugee policy.

Our aim is to strengthen the fight of Palestinerleiren and of other ‘paperless’ groups in Norway. Palestinerleiren has been, after one and a half year of existence, the longest peaceful political demonstration of its kind in Norway. The camp stands as a symbol of the opposition to a current Norwegian asylum policy, at odds with fundamental agreements on human rights. The 6th of September 2012 the camp was taken down for good. The camp members has established a new organisation: Palestinerleir, where the fight for justice will continue.

Atelier Populaire Oslo was originated by the artist Andrea Lange. The organizing of the project Atelier Populaire Oslo / Palestinerleir at Kunsthall Oslo was a collaboration between Lange, Marius von der Fehr, Johanna Zwaig and the members of Palestinerleiren in Oslo.



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